Your partner for all of life’s transitions and financial decisions.

Pitzl Financial is a St. Paul – Minneapolis Fee-Only financial planning and wealth management firm. We pair objective financial planning with disciplined investing to help clients manage, grow and protect their assets through all of life’s transitions. Our approach to the planning process has earned us a place in the Top 12 Financial Advisory Firms in the Twin Cities.

We believe that the fundamental purpose of financial planning is to help people plan for – and live – a better life. Money is best used in a manner that supports one’s life, rather than being the driving force in the decision-making process. Money is merely a tool and a means to live the life you want.

Many financial decisions revolve around topics like investing, tax reduction, or cash flow planning, but some of the biggest and most important financial decisions we make are actually about things much bigger than money. Our process is not about products. It is all about intentionally aligning your personal financial affairs with your values and goals.

We apply academic, evidence-based principles in the technical areas of financial planning and marry them with your unique financial personalities and lifestyle to create a plan that works for you. We strongly believe in a collaborative process where we serve as advisors to you, your family’s CEO.

Welcome to Your Personal Boardroom™.