Your Personal Boardroom™

Carl Richards Sketch - Product Over Process Over Plan

An effective board has a clear mission and understanding of what the entity is trying to accomplish. A clear and honored mission, coupled with shared commitments, results in a highly effective team working in tandem to accomplish common goals.

On a corporate or charitable board, everyone signs a fiduciary duty to support the corporate mission. There are confidentiality agreements and mutual duties of care each person has with one another.

In the context of one’s personal life, Your Personal Boardroom™ is a concept that places you, the client, as CEO and Chairperson. Your goals and objectives form the personal mission statement, and your priorities and values shape the agenda.

Your personal board of directors is comprised of a team of professionals dedicated to helping you live your personal mission statement and supporting your values.

Whether it requires coordinating tax strategies with our sister accounting firm, collaborating with your insurance professionals on the execution of your asset protection plan, working with your attorney to update your estate plan, or holding a family meeting to outline your end of life plan to your caregivers and heirs, we are here to organize, support and coordinate the execution of your life goals.