October Market Volatility

As you arise this morning, you likely know already that the global stock market fell very sharply yesterday. It was the worst day for markets since this past February. The selloff continued overnight in foreign markets, pushing them downward toward their 20-month lows. Predictably, the news media has a wide variety of things to blame […]

Musings on Trade Wars

Musings on Trade Wars

(Edited from commentary by Larry Swedroe, Director of Research for The BAM Alliance) For some time now, investors have been very concerned about the potential for a global trade war – a war in which there are not any real winners. That, of course, worries investors, especially those who were taught that the Smoot Hawley […]

Welcome Richard Hall, CFP®

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Richard Hall, CFP® to the Pitzl Financial team. Rick brings two decades of experience in financial services to our firm, hailing from Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, and Norwest (Wells Fargo). As a Wealth Advisor at Pitzl Financial, Rick will be instrumental in the financial planning process with our […]

Ah…so that’s what risk feels like

Global markets have been thumped pretty bad over the last week, and the last two trading days in particular. As of the time of this writing (Tuesday morning, 4:30am), it appears today will open lower as well. Will that hold? I don’t know. It depends on whether traders buy more than they sell today. Yesterday, […]

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

The highly anticipated tax reform we have been hearing much about lately is expected to be passed into law today. While the economic and political implications of this bill will be unknown for some time, we at least have an understanding of the individual changes taking shape that will impact your planning in the years […]

Equifax Data Breach – What You Need to Know

Last Friday, Equifax, one of the major credit reporting bureaus, issued a press release announcing that on July 29 it had discovered “unauthorized access” to data belonging to as many as 143 million U.S. consumers. We have compiled some information that we hope may help you understand what happened and what to do next. There […]

The Problem with New Years Resolutions

The Problem with New Years Resolutions

As a client of Pitzl Financial, you have likely heard us reframe the modern concept of “Wealth.” While most people today associate the word with being materially rich, the origins of the word can be traced to Middle English, when it meant “the condition of well-being or happiness.” As we entered the New Year, our […]